Quick Tips


Quick Tip: Towel

If you’ve got your Club Championship coming up and want to really kill it on the greens, do yourself (and the greenstaff) a favour:
try standing on a towel. It’ll help with your balance and stop excess wear on the greens!

Quick Tip: Double Gate

Want some double-trouble action? Try the Tiger tee gate drill at the ball, along with another set of tee gates halfway to the target.
It keeps your stroke on plane, ensures you’re hitting your lines and can be done on straight or breaking putts!

Quick tip: Bounce

Ever get tight over the short ones? Try Steve Stricker’s (see: best putter EVER and Tiger’s personal putting advisor) move. To release tension in the hands and arms, try bouncing the putter just before your stoke to loosen things up and have a smooth, fluid move through the ball.

Quick Tip: Ruler

Need some practice the night before? Try the this one. Set the ball on the end of a ruler and putt the ball along it to your target. If the ball stays on the ruler, you’ve got the ball started on line and the rest is all about pace. 

Quick Tip: Between two Balls

Putting not so hot over the weekend? Give this one a go: The two outside balls act as a gate, ensuring your putter stays on line for a solid strike. Master this and you’ll be back to your putting best (even better?) in no time.

Quick Tip: Two Ball putting

Struggling with ball speed from dead hits or starting line?
Try out the two-ball drill to get things rolling right. Get both balls travelling on line and at the same pace for a square face through impact -- THAT is a big part of making putts.

Quick Tip: Coin

Roll it smoooth(er). Avoid hitting the coin and stroke up just a little to get that ball hugging the ground quicker, and sticking to its line better. Easy.


The ‘Scoreboard’ Drill.Take the fewest number of attempts to get a ‘Perfect Putt’ at every marker…then try and beat it!

QUICK TIP: line drill

Stroke getting wavey/wafty/woeful? Tighten up and practice with the putter head either:

1. Over the line
2. Outside the line
3. In-between the lines
4. Inside the line

And see which one of these works best for you!

QUICK TIP: balls in the circle

Winter practice with pace + line + ultimate pressure = better putting.  Get all four balls in the circle WITHOUT knocking any out and you’ll be one step closer to putting greatness.


Struggling getting bogged down in technique?
Shake it off and try putting cross country from corner to corner.

It'll free your mind and quite possibly your stroke!

quick tip: the mid-point gate

Want to add even more pressure to your indoor practice?

Set up a simple double-ball gate (a little more than a ball’s width apart) and see how many putts you can get through without touching either side.


Looking for some winter drills?
Give this one a try. 
Line up five balls, each a foot further away.
A ‘make’ is 1 point, a ‘Perfect Putt’ is 3 points.

See how you improve over the winter season!

quick tip:
the dreaded deceleration

Set up as normal but instead of taking a backstroke, simply push the ball to the target.

This will ensure acceleration through the stroke as well as a square clubface throughout!‬ ‪


If you’re getting tight over putts, try this tip from Rickie Fowler to relax, release tension and smooth out your stroke: before taking the putter away, lift it very slightly off the ground. The move should loosen your hands, shoulders and elbows, creating a stroke as smooth as can be. 

quick tip: Never lose confidence

However many rounds you’ve played, however many putts you’ve missed, nobody makes them all so just keep practicing... and remember: even Santa’s elves need a little tune up now and then.

Quick tip: the five balls

Inconsistent speed on putts?

Try this drill throughout the winter: 

Take five balls and get each consecutive one as close as you can to each foot marking.

Practice over time and you'll quickly see how much more consistently closer you become!