What’s the parabolic curve?

A parabola is a U-shaped curve. We used this shape on our PuttOUT as it funnels ‘made’ putts into the centre to return them straight to the player. This also means ‘missed’ putts going up the ramp will fall off the side, mimicking a lip-out.

Why does the micro-target only hold putts that would have traveled 18-inches past?

We looked at research and found that the most common ‘perfect miss’ perception is a putt that would have missed 18-inches past the hole (based on percentages of the ball falling in/not deviating). With this research, we designed the product to follow suit.

Why is the mat 10 on the stimp reading?

Through going to multiple greenkeepers, based on the average green speeds we decided 10 on the stimp metre would be a fair test for golfers of all levels, of all different standard of courses.

Do you have a distributor I can contact directly?

We do! For enquiries relating to bulk orders or more general retail enquiries, contact sales@secondchance.co.uk.

Can you ship internationally?

We can! For orders outside of Europe, click on the product and then to which destination you’d like to be sent.